When is Jesus coming and arrival?

This page goes into details concerning the signs that Yeshua (Jesus) and Daniel mention.

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day asked him when the kingdom of God would come (Luke 17:20). For details on this, please visit the What happens with Jesus’ coming, arrival, and the end of the age? page.

This is a huge question but it is not impossible to answer. Although it is not possible to know the exact day or hour because of the way the book of Daniel is worded, one can come close with the information we have today. Simply put, the presented prophetic time-lines are based upon multiple prophesies. A major key is to understand the book of Daniel. From there, everything fits together nicely. But do not take my word for it. Test these out by using scripture!

I highly recommend to everyone reading this to go over and study Daniel chapters 7 through 12. Once someone understands Daniel, just about everything falls into place.

The basic answer is given first. Then it is elaborated on with details and supporting evidence.

Basic answer:

Jesus stated to his followers that when they would “see” these different things happening, they would know the time that they would be living in. As explained below, the earliest confirmation that we are in the end period of this system of things just before Jesus begins ruling on earth will be the combination of action of the “king of the north” causing Israel to lose the old city of Jerusalem and his occupying it. Or as we know it today “Old Jerusalem.” Compare Luke 21:29-32 and Daniel 11:31 comments

When the Nation of Israel loses the old city of Jerusalem and the “conqueror” occupies it, then we know that we are in an approximate 3.5 year period of tribulation – Especially for “God’s people.” It is at the end of this period when Jesus begins his rule in power here on Earth.

It is important to note that when Israel does lose old Jerusalem, it does not mean that the time period starts on that day. It can start a bit before that too. My best guess is that we would be a month into the time period by the time that Israel loses old Jerusalem. But it is a guess based upon probabilities and not given facts which I explain below. I also believe that is one reason why Jesus said that no one would know the day or the hour. The exact day or hour can’t be positively deduced from the available scriptures. But we have the sign to look for to identify the time period. It is just as Jesus told his disciples to be aware of the sign of Jerusalem being surrounded in the first century – They had a sign to look for not a date. It is the same for our day, we need to know the sign to look for, not a date.

In the first century, the followers of Christ were not in Jerusalem when it was destroyed because they would have listened to him and would have already fled. Just because this happened to Jerusalem and those in her did not mean that their worship was acceptable to God. Same for our day. For Israel to lose the old city of Jerusalem today, it does not necessarily have to happen with anyone dying. It could be done diplomatically. Or, it can be done with (or include) a military struggle which can mean many deaths. (Daniel 11:21 – 12:13)

This event can happen this year or in 25 years, Who knows? But according to the scriptures in Daniel, it will happen. When it does, “Jesus will come shortly!”

Answer with details:

The end of the book of Daniel talks about when Jesus (Michael) stands up. The righteous and wicked will be brought back to life. (Daniel 12:1,2)

Daniel 11:21-45 speaks of struggles between the king of the north and the king of the south. But the king of the north sees his end when he is defeated by the king “out of the sun-rising and out of the north.” (Daniel 11:44,45) Could this be Jesus and/or another king? Only time will tell. But it would be fitting for Jesus to end the king of the north. It would show his power. Remember what Jesus said about the Son coming as lightening flashing from the East to the West with great power, upon his return. Matthew 24:27-31. In any case, he does return suddenly and at the end of the king of the North.

The king of the north is described as “Over everyone he will magnify himself. But to the god of fortresses, in his position he will give glory.” (Daniel 11:37,38) He will also apportion the ground out for a price. (Daniel 11:39) But this happens after he succeeds in a struggle with the king of the south but before his (the king of the north) destruction. (Daniel 11:24,28,36)

Jerusalem (as Daniel would describe it) is “profaned” and “removed” from Israel by the “arms” of the king of the north. (Daniel 11:31) This could be literal or symbolic or both. It is interesting that Daniel gives no indication that it will only be “half” of the city but Zechariah 14:2 uses the term “half.” They are both correct. But Zechariah is talking about “spiritual Jerusalem.” And the ones that undergo tribulation from the nations are the second group of the “Bride” of Christ that need cleansing because their worship is unworthy to Jehovah. One reason for this thought is because if Jehovah fights for his people as mentioned in Zechariah 14:3; Why would he let “half” of Jerusalem be pillaged if they were serving him properly? There is no “half” of any literal Jerusalem today serving him correctly. However, half may refer to the 144,000 brothers still here on earth, yet to be cleansed. See Christ’s Bride…

Now to put this information together:

This old city of Jerusalem is in what some call “East Jerusalem” today. Israel captured it back in the “six day war” in June 1967. But now as time goes on, Israel is under increasing pressure to give this land back to the Palestinians. Whoever Israel loses this to and he occupies it, this will be the last “king of the north” for our day.

In a vision of Daniel recorded in chapter 12, he sees a man speaking and asking:

“How long will it be to the end of the wonderful things?” It is answered in verse 7; “It will be for an appointed time, appointed times and a half. And as soon as there will have been a finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, all these things will come to their finish.”

Even Daniel did not understand this statement! So he asks for clarification as mentioned in verse 8. His answer is given in the rest of the chapter through verse 12.

Verse 9 “Go, Daniel, because the words are made secret and sealed up until the time of [the] end.”

This is also referred to at Daniel 12:4; “And as for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of [the] end. Many will rove about, and the [true] knowledge will become abundant.” This knowledge will become abundant during this time period. It was not abundant immediately before that.

Verse 10 “Many will cleanse themselves and whiten themselves and will be refined. And the wicked ones will certainly act wickedly, and no wicked ones at all will understand; but the ones having insight will understand.”

This is also referred to at Daniel 11:32-35 where we see some of those having insight will stumble because of themselves. We see a cleansing and a whitening also. In order to cleanse themselves the true knowledge has to be known.

Verse 11 “And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing  desolation, there will be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.”

This action is also found at Daniel 11:31

This 1,290 days can be the same as the three and a half times because three and a half years by the lunar calendar has an extra month added. However, in this case I believe that the three and a half times (years) is actually referring to 1,260 days because of how other prophesies fit in with this passage. The 1,260 days is part of the 1,290 days. However it really is, 30 days is not much time, when considering the grand scheme of things.

The word “placing” is also translated as “set up” which can denote action. (As an example; Someone set up the feast. This would take a bit of time.) This makes it difficult to know exactly when this time period starts as it is described in Daniel 11:31. But it would have to include the king of the north occupation too.

Verse 12 “Happy is the one who is keeping in expectation and who arrives at the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days!”

This 1,335 days is concurrent with the 1,290 days. There is no room in the prophetic time-lines between Daniel and Revelation for these times to run in series. The 1,290 days is part of the 1,335 days.

So there are only 45 days (depending on how you look at it) after the 1,290 days to the 1,335th day. When this 1,335 day period is completed, this is when Michael (Jesus) stands up as mentioned in Daniel 12:1!

So what is this 45 day gap? When one takes into consideration the time period and lessons learned that are mentioned in the bible book of Jonah and compare that with the prophetic time-lines and events in Revelation, this is a time that is given to the nations to show repentance (as Nineveh did) and submission to Jesus. Any who do not repent perish but those who take refuge in him are saved.   (Psalms 2:10-12)

Verse 13 “And as for yourself, go toward the end; and you will rest, but you will stand up for your lot at the end of the days.”

We will be able to see Daniel as he is one who is among those raised up from being “asleep in the ground”! (Daniel 12:2,13)

This information is as accurate as I can possibly provide regarding identifying the time period just before Jesus stands up – Or as some would say; “His return in power to judge and bless mankind.”

It is important to realize that although this happens to the old city of Jerusalem, there are a multitude of prophetic passages that show there will be tribulation for some who claim to serve God. But they are not worshiping him correctly. Thus, their worship is “crooked” and deemed unmeasurable. This is a “whitening” and a “cleansing” time period but it only lasts 1,260 days as mentioned in Revelation 11. It is imperative that their worship is straightened or else no flesh would be saved. (Malachi 4:5,6) More of this is talked about further in the book.