The True Way! God’s Kingdom is coming soon! 

God’s word is what people should be looking to. It is the brilliant beacon of truth that can help people straighten their worship to the Almighty.

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The mission of this movement is to go as far back as possible to the original beliefs of the earliest disciples of Christ, removing false doctrines that have crept in. The pure worship of the first disciples became known as “The Way” (Acts 9:1-2). Therefore, this mission is called The True Way.

This site is designed for people to print out stories and subjects for themselves or for a ministry!


Truth doesn’t mind being questioned but lies do.


There are many men and organizations that want people to look to them, claiming to have God’s backing and performing powerful signs. But God’s people will not be fooled. Man’s word only leads to despair. Jeremiah 10:23

Lovers of God will always look to God’s messages for reassurance and guidance.  This site helps people to check their beliefs and to readjust their worship, if needed, and to come to have a better relationship with the Almighty. Acts 17:11-12

You might feel that you do not need to check your beliefs. That is exactly what the great opposer of the Almighty wants you to think.  He wants people to follow man’s word rather than God’s. Complacency can be dangerous.

May we be found to have straightened our worship, upon the day of inspection!


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