What does it mean to be “Born Again” and was Jesus born again?

The term “to be born again” signifies someone to have a “fresh start.” That is, to repent of one’s sins and start over with the intent of pleasing God. This is usually symbolized by water baptism. In Jesus’ case he did not need to repent of sins because he was sinless. Even John the baptizer knew this. John had been baptizing Israelites with the thought that Israel had to be made ready for the appearance of the messiah. They needed to repent. Jesus did not. However, Jesus’ baptism was to show his Father and others that it was time for him to commence the most important task for the reason he was sent by his Father; To open the doors of salvation, for the entire world. It is up to us to turn around, a.k.a. “be born again” and go through those doors.