Understanding the relationships between the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and followers of the Father

The purpose of this page is to review texts that help us to understand the true nature and relationships between the Father, the Son, the holy spirit, and the followers of the Father. It will also attempt to address teachings and passages that confuse or misrepresent truths.

Not only is this one of the most hotly contested areas of doctrine, but it is one of the most fiercely protected. This is because it touches on the beliefs of the nature of the Almighty himself. Do not be surprised if some of the information brought forth ends up being different than what you have been taught. Remember to put faith in God’s word and not man’s. May Yahweh bless our efforts in searching for his truth!

Who can be rightfully called, “god,” or “God?”

Isaiah 9:6,7: Who is this, “Mighty God?”

When Jesus states that he and his father are one, what does that mean?

What does “the Father” mean?

What is the “Holy Spirit?”

What does “the Son” mean?

John 1:1c – “the Word was God” or “the Word was a god?”

What about the term, “I AM?”

What does it mean to worship, and can someone worship more than one person?

How Yahweh is identified as Jesus’ Lord by Jesus himself and his apostles

Does the true rendering of Matthew 28:19+ contain the command to baptize in the name of the Father and of the Holy Spirit? – See The Original Gospel of Matthew

Was Jesus’ father Joseph and was Mary a virgin? – See The Original Gospel of Matthew

Alpha and Omega