Lamentations is full of sad reasons why God’s people are justifiably “forsaken” by him. This was the case back then (Jeremiah’s) and in some ways the early Christians and will start for our day when Jerusalem is destroyed or conquered (Daniel 11). I suggest reading the entire book.

Lamentations 1

Lamentations 1:1 “O how she has come to sit solitary, the city that was abundant with people! How she has become like a widow, she that was populous among the nations! How she that was a princess among the jurisdictional districts has come to be for forced labor!”

Lamentations 1:5 “Her adversaries have become the head. Those who are her enemies are unconcerned. Because Jehovah himself has brought grief to her on account of the abundance of her transgressions, Her own children have walked captive before the adversary.”

Lamentations 1:8Jerusalem has committed outright sin…”

Lamentations 1:21 “People have heard how I myself am sighing as a woman. There is no comforter for me. All my enemies themselves have heard of my calamity. They have exulted, because you yourself have done [it]. “You will certainly bring the day that you have proclaimed, that they may become like me.”

Lamentations 2

Lamentations 2:7 “Jehovah has cast off his altar. He has spurned his sanctuary. Into the hand of the enemy he has surrendered the walls of her dwelling towers.” – Compare Zechariah 5:6,7; Revelation 21:16-17

Lamentations 2:10The older men … have girded on sackcloth..” – See the “two witnesses” in Revelation 11; Daniel 12:7.

Lamentations 2:15 “At you all those passing along on the road have clapped their hands. They have whistled and kept wagging their head at the daughter of Jerusalem, [saying:] “Is this the city of which they used to say, ‘It is the perfection of prettiness, an exultation for all the earth’?” – this will happen also in our near future during the three and a half time period.

Lamentations 3

Lamentations 3:8,9 “Also, when I call for aid and cry for help, he actually hampers my prayer. He has blocked up my ways with hewn stone. My roadways he has twisted.”

Lamentations 3:14,15 “I have become an object of laughter to all people against me, the theme of their song all day long. He has given me a sufficiency of bitter things. He has saturated me with wormwood.” – See Amos 8:1-12; Revelation 8:1-12

Lamentations 3:38From the mouth of the Most High bad things and what is good do not go forth.” – This is just a reflection of how Jehovah left his people to the nations for then and our near future. Satan is what causes the bad to happen – Jehovah just allows it to discipline his people so they will straighten their ways.

Lamentations 3:42-45 “We ourselves have transgressed, and we have behaved rebelliously. You yourself have not forgiven. You have blocked approach with anger, and you keep pursuing us. You have killed; you have shown no compassion. You have blocked approach to yourself with a cloud mass, that prayer may not pass through. You make us mere offscouring and refuse in the midst of the peoples.” // Here we do see a turning of attitude concerning God’s people – They acknowledge transgression. – Compare Jeremiah 50:20; and a possible parallel with Zechariah 14:6

Lamentations 3:55-56 “I have called out your name, O Jehovah, from a pit of the lowest sort. My voice you must hear. Do not hide your ear to my relief, to my cry for help.” – Just before Jehovah returns to his people after they straightened their ways -see vs.57

Lamentations 3:57 “You have drawn near in the day that I kept calling you. You said: Do not be afraid.”

Lamentations 3:64-66 “You will give back to them a treatment, O Jehovah, according to the work of their hands. You will give to them the insolence of heart, your curse to them. You will pursue in anger and annihilate them from under the heavens of Jehovah.”

Lamentations 4

Lamentations 5

Lamentations 5:20-21 “Why is it that forever you forget us, that you leave us for the length of days? Bring us back, O Jehovah, to yourself, and we shall readily come back. Bring new days for us as in the long ago. However, you have positively rejected us. You have been indignant toward us very much.” – Notice the important change of attitude. They are now “straightening” their worship. Compare Malachi 4:5,6