Is the Bible Inspired?

This is not a focus of this site but I feel compelled to comment on this briefly. Personally, I believe that in a short time period, all questions will be answered with no room for doubt.

The scriptures are inspired. I base this upon prophetic fulfillment and how the bible agrees throughout, even though it was put together over the span of a couple thousand years. There are some who say it doesn’t agree with itself but I believe that those critics have not looked into all the possibilities of why something was stated as it was. Even the apostle Paul stated that some of his writings were his opinions and “not the Lord’s.” (1 Corinthians 7:12) That is one reason why it is so important to read the context of a verse. That enables one to get a better understanding of the scriptures – God’s word!

There is also the case for prophetic fulfillment in the past and recent history.

It is a sad thing but sometimes true when some lose faith in the scriptures due to the hypocrisy of many religious leaders who are supposed to represent the teachings of the scriptures.

Some people have been indoctrinated that the scriptures can’t be true. And they see no reason to seek other opinions. But as mentioned earlier, as time goes on, all the questions will be answered for everyone on earth regarding many fundamental questions such as: Are the scriptures true or is there a God?

I personally immensely appreciate how the book of Revelation along with Daniel tie all the prophesies in the bible together, although being written hundreds of years apart. It is done in a cryptic way but I hope that once you understand it, it may amaze you as it did me. I personally believe that Revelation is the most amazing book ever inspired! It has been so cleverly put together and it ties so much together covering multiple time periods and prophesies, I believe it could only have been written by a “genius of geniuses!”