Be cautious of people who add to scripture

Would you like to buy a beautiful home only to find it broken down inside? Many churches make their teachings appear beautiful. But upon close inspection, the teachings are not from God at all, but from men. It can take courage to test doctrines, especially one’s own beliefs. But how else can someone know if they are worshipping God properly?

Religious institutions adamantly protect their teachings. They protect them from being tested against God’s word. They do not want to lose members or their money. Some may not add to scripture but they will not remove false scriptures either, due to the fear of losing credibility and members.

But it is important to ask oneself if God would be upset if teachings were checked. Of course not! But men might be! So who do you want to please, God or man? If God knew that you were seeking his truth, don’t you think that it would make him proud?

A suggestion is to start out with a scripture that can be proven to have words added to it to support the trinity doctrine. I suggest to read carefully the chapter on The Original Gospel of Matthew and look for comments on Matthew 28:19.

Does your religion strive for and teach about the original passages and their meanings? If not, be careful and be as the Bereans who checked the teachings of the Apostle Paul by using scripture. Acts 17:11

I wish you all the best and to have God’s guidance, in your seeking his truth!